1. About Shenzhen Finance Expo    

- Financial sound development • Serving the real economy    

China (Shenzhen) International Finance Expo (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Finance Expo) is hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Shenzhen Municipal Trade Promotion Committee, Shenzhen Financial Office, Shenzhen People's Bank Shenzhen Central Branch, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen One of the three major financial exhibitions in China, jointly organized by the Banking Regulatory Bureau, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, Shenzhen Insurance Regulatory Bureau and Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce. Since the first Shenzhen Finance Expo was held in 2007, the scale and influence of the exhibition have been on the rise. In 2017, Finance Expo brought together nearly 300 financial institutions and nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs from home and abroad to participate in this exhibition. More than 20 professional forums and matchmaking sessions are dedicated to promoting the optimization of Shenzhen's industrial structure and the rapid and stable development of social economy.    

The exhibition scope of the Expo covers banks, securities, funds, gold, foreign exchange, technology finance, supply chain finance, microfinance, financial technology equipment and other financial institutions. Shenzhen Finance Expo has played a positive role in promoting regional financial industry development, international exchange and cooperation, and financial industry innovation and cross-border cooperation, providing more choices for urban residents to realize wealth preservation and value-added.

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2. Why participate in Shenzhen Finance Expo    

 · More valuable sharing: high-end communication environment, professionals share sincerely. Promote your interaction with your peers   

 · Convenient and convenient viewing experience, help you reduce costs, one step in place   

 · Professional content and high-quality pursuit to provide customers with true and positive values ​​to meet the needs of business survival and development   

 · Find new buyers & partners in an exclusive meeting with top people

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3. AS is waiting for you    

As a sponsor of the Expo, AS will participate in financial advisors and its lawyers. Our booth is in the international exhibition area. AS's areas of expertise include financial regulatory license applications or transfers, digital currency trading license applications, overseas company registration/bank account opening, overseas team preparation, corporate acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions.    

AS has its own professional team: including member lawyers, certified public accountants, financial advisors, etc. with ADCA qualifications.    

AS provides financial solutions covering multiple regions around the world, is cost-effective, and has first-hand resources in multiple front-line regulatory areas (including Australia, the UK, etc.). In addition, AS also provides customers with other overseas assistance, such as license maintenance services, ongoing overseas consulting services, and overseas team preparation services. For example, in Australia, one of the most regulated regions in the world, we have planned corporate structures, build platforms, build teams, market promotions, and more for multiple exchanges. I look forward to meeting you at that time.

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